243% Increase In The Number Of Keywords Driving Traffic To The site


What is a Keyword?

Keyword is a single word or a phrase that tells about the content of a website. Keywords make it possible for users to find your website via search engines buy performing a search query.

Why are keywords important?

A content is incomplete without keywords. It is a bridge between the users and the content they are looking for.

To rank your website, you should use “target keywords” to get the targeted audience. Make right use of keywords for your website. For instance; if you own a grocery shop and you want to rank for “new glasses”, if keywords are not used properly then you could end up getting traffic from the users looking for “new glasses (goggles) to wear”.

What are long-tail keywords?

Keywords that are more specific and describes the intent of a query are called Long tail keywords. These keywords have comparatively less competition to rank on SERP.

For example; it is easier to rank for “best cell phones with low price” than that of “cell phones”.

How to use keywords on your webpage?

Using keywords done not implies you have to throw huge amount of keywords on a webpage. Place your primary keywords into URL, H1 Tag, Meta Title, Description, alt tag and other prominent parts of your website. It will help search engines to get to know about your content more clearly.

It is to be kept in mind that ranking for a keyword is not that simple. It is a long process that works slowly but steadily.

Know the Intent of Search Query

To create a content or webpage with high quality that fulfils the need of your customers; it is essential to know who your users are and what they want. For this you need to understand the intent of a search query. The search queries have following intent types:


When user want to get detailed information about anything. “Where, How to, What” attributes are used (eg. how to use keywords)


When user has intent of finding a specific website or webpage. (eg. Twitter login)


Particular Attributes, using “vs.”, “best” (eg. Best SEO guide for 2020)


When a user has intent to buy any product.(eg. Buy, Order, Download, etc.

Tips to Select Right Keywords

1. Think like a Customer

Treat yourself as a customer and ask yourself what query would you perform when you need to get any information through search engines. This is the best way to optimise the keywords.

2. Competitor Analysis

Know your competitors and analyse their keywords. This will guide you what type of keywords you should use for your website.

3. Use Long Tail Keywords

To attract the targeted users; long tail keywords must be added to your website. Make your website more specific about the service it is providing.

4. Keyword Research Tools

There are a number of tools (both paid and unpaid) available online for keyword research. These tools help you to identify the search queries performed by users that are related to your niche.

After applying all of the above methods; do not forget to analyse the results based on the keywords. Make necessary changes whenever needed.