Leads Management System

Inventory Management

We provide the services to manage a good lead management system which ensures that every lead is automatically fed into the system from web forms, emails, and chat, preventing leads from falling through the cracks. It also captures the source, so you know what marketing campaigns are working and what's not.

Lead generation

Businesses create consumer interest and inquiry into products or services through a range of marketing tactics. These often include blog posts, advertisements, white papers, social media, events, and PR campaigns.

Customer inquiry and capture

Consumers of marketing respond with interest and their data is recorded. This creates a sales lead.

Filtering, grading, distribution, and contact

Leads are sorted by the validity of the request, prioritized based on likelihood of becoming a customer, and then dispersed to sales reps to be contacted. Depending on the size of your marketing program, a lot of work can go into defining how to accurately categorize and sort individual leads.

Lead nurturing

Leads are sorted by contacted or uncontacted and scheduled for follow-up processes. They may be put into drip-marketing campaigns, or followed-up with on the phone by a company rep.

If the process ends with a sale, the lead has successfully traveled down the sales funnel and emerged as a customer. But the work doesn’t end there.

Lead management becomes more complex as companies scale

Managing 200 leads is a lot different than managing 2,000 or 20,000 or even 200,000. And when those leads turn into customers, businesses must continue to nurture those relationships. In short, follow up is critical to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and sales efficiency.