60% Increase In Organic Traffic


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What is Organic Traffic?

The term “organic traffic” refers to the users that visits your website as a result of unpaid i.e. organic search results. Whether you own a blogging website or an online store; Organic traffic plays an important role in building website authority and ranking.

Tips to increase your website traffic up to 60%

1. Optimise for your READERS not for search engines

It is to be keptin mind that the website is made for users not for search engines. The content should be optimized according to the keywords used by users in their search queries.

Try to build a personalised content that makes a user feel especial. Always write an informative and keyword rich content with minimum 1200 words per article/blog. The heading should be attractive to pull the customers to your site..

If your readers are happy with the content, organic traffic will automatically rise.

2. Regular Blogging

In today’s digital world, Blogging has become popular at next level among everyone. Even non-business people are also blogging and driving a large number of ORGANIC viewers to their websites

Post regularly on your website’s blog about latest trends related to your website. This will keep your readers engaged and updated about latest information. Be informative!

3. Use long-tail keywords

Keyword plays a vital role for any website. But using long tail keywords to make your website more specific is very important in SEO. User searches a specific query in the search box to get the most relevant results.

For instance; if you are promoting a red shoe then instead of using “red shoes” use “red shoes with white laces” as a long tail keyword to make your product more specific. This will help user to find the website with relevant product on the SERP

4. Optimize META Tags

All the on-page SEO factors are important to apply but Meta tags such as Title, Description and URL must be optimized according to search engine guidelines

5. Internal links

Linking a page of your website to the other page on your website keeps the users engaged to your website. Internal linking is very important to get more traffic to any page

To make your website not looking SPAMMY, don’t overdo it.

6. Get more Incoming link

Google gives preference to sites having inbound links coming from high authority sites. Ask your clients, family, friends and other fellow bloggers to link to your site.

Higher the inbound linking, website traffic will also be higher. Don’t allow spamy sites to link to you. It will decrease your website’s reputation.

7.Social Media presence

In this digital era, presence on the social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. is very important to keep in touch with your customers. You can regularly promote your service/products to your targeted customers on the social platforms

For this, use social sharing buttons on your website

8. Use Analytics

Use Google analytics to know the customer behaviour and other information. You will get to know what activities are performed by the customers on your site. You will also know the conversion rate

Offering your customers what they want will definitely increase your site traffic.

These are some ways to increase your website traffic organically. Apply all of the above factors on your website and see the results!